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5 pack Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

5 pack Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

  • Manufacturer: General Electric
  • Model Number: 665185

This is a 13 watt medium base CFL spiral 5 pack equivalent to 60 watts. These bulbs are soft white in color and have a rated life of 8,000 hours. The overall length is 4.7 inches.

Purchase Price
  • $9.99

    Brightness 825 Lumens
    Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $1.57 based upon 3 hrs/day. 11c/kWh. Cost depends on rates and use.
    Life: 9.13 years based upon 3 hrs/day
    Light appearance: 2700K
    Energy Used: 13 watts
    Contains Mercury: For more on clean up and safe disposal